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Coach Sha

Assalamu’alaikum wrt wbh.

Sorry for not updating the blog. Been busy-busy bumblebee.

Our latest project (Umi Sha & Abi Ridz) is completing a proposal for writing a bestseller. Have always wanted to see my own book in every bookstore I hop in. Niat sudah lama dipasang. Disusuli dengan tindakan pertama. Belajar dari orang yang berilmu dalam bidang tulis dan terbit buku.

I registered myself (the last one to sign up) for a one-day seminar on writing – Seminar Jana Wang dengan Menulis. This is what I call ‘rezeki’ from Allah..Ya Waasi’, Ya Ghaniy, Ya Baasit. Allah blessed me with the ‘thought’ to visit Tuan Fauzul Naim’s website.

That’s how I found out about this mind-opening seminar!

My say: What an inspiration! Takbir!! This guy really knows his stuff (tabik spring Tuan Fauzul!).

Baca seterusnya…..

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